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E-commerce in South Africa

Statistical data in South Africa is never easy to find, and we had to combined data from thousands of sources to produce a holistic, and accurate, representation.

South Africa in general has a very unique relationship with digital compared to western countries. We have very different market needs, and unique challenges with regards to affordability and accessibility. Over 27.52 Million people use mobile devices to access the internet meaning that an e-commerce store has to be mobile responsive.

E-Commerce is growing at a fast pas in South Africa, with over 17 Million people who are utilizing e-commerce stores. The industry has potential for immense growth with more and more big brands throwing an attempt at it. Nearly half of the active South African audience search online for products and services daily.

In terms of Revenues the industry is currently worth at R31.4 Billion annually with 17 million users making 31% of the total population. Each user spends an estimated R1856.90 in a year on e-commerce purchases. Slowly but surely more users are getting better acquainted with purchasing from their mobile devices. We have seen over the years that social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter are rolling out “Buy” buttons on their platforms, it’s only a matter of time before users are purchasing from social sites, giving a greater sense of comfort.

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