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5 must-see TED Talks for the unorthodox

These 5 must-see ted talks have a staying power in your head and you might not be able to unsee them. In whatever vision you may have, I bet you’ll find yourself thinking of them often.

1. The unheard story of David and Goliath. – Malcolm Gladwell

2. The art of innovation. – Guy Kawasaki

3. How great leaders inspire action. – Simon Sinek

4. The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed. – Bill Gross

5. Poverty isn’t a lack of character; It’s a lack of cash. -Rutger Bregman

I really hope this helps you in becoming a better version of yourself.


Kgothatso Marwala

Kgothatso Marwala is an entrepreneur and an award-winning digital marketing specialist helping individuals and high impact organisations reach new audiences and boost sales.

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